Friday, November 2, 2012

Bloggers Angst

I have been trying to decide whether or not to blog for quite awhile now.  Do I really want to put myself out there?  Will anyone read it?  What should I call it?  Do I have anything to say?  What if people DO read it and get disappointed because I don't post enough?  Finally, as I sit here today, I decided to go for it.  It will be fun, maybe even therapeutic.  I will talk about me, thoughts that I have, issues I have dealt with or am dealing with, and hopefully something I have to say will connect with those that chose to read it.  Maybe we'll find out we have something in common that draws us together.  Maybe we'll have a good laugh over some of the things I post.  Or a good cry.  Or maybe you won't care, and will just read it once and move onto another blog. 

The real reason I decided to do this is pretty simple.  We go through our lives every day, walking by people having conversations that go something like this. 

"Hi!  How are you?"
"Fine/Good/Okay - how are you?"

Does this sound familiar to you?  We all wear masks, trying to convince those around us that we are fine, good, okay (insert other adjective here) and that nothing is wrong.  When the truth is, behind the mask, we are all struggling with something.  We are all hurting.  We have all dealt or continue to deal with some serious issues in our lives.  But we keep it bottled up.  We don't share it.  That would be contradictory to our trying to convince everyone that we are okay. 

So what's the point of all of this rambling, you ask?  By blogging, I am attempting to take off the mask and show you the real me.  Is this self serving?  Maybe a little, but at the same time I am hoping to encourage readers to do the same.  I believe that when we connect with people, that is the key to our lives.  Relationship.  Too often during my day, I take these opportunities for granted, even when they are right there staring me in the face.  So I am hoping that, through this blog, I can connect with some of you.  Or maybe I won't even know you are reading it, but it will be something that adds a little to your day.  Regardless, I hope you enjoy it.  I'm ready to take the leap.  And it starts.........................NOW!

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