Friday, April 5, 2013


I believe in God.  I believe in Jesus Christ.  I believe that He suffered, died, and rose from the dead to save us from sin.  I also believe that He alone can save us.  I believe in heaven and hell.  Many of you reading this will stop right here, close the blog, and walk away, possibly uttering something not very nice under your breath.  But if you read on, I am more than willing to discuss any of these issues with you.  My faith, my belief in these things, opposing thoughts and views, etc.  Feel free to comment on my blog, my facebook page, message me on facebook, or email me at  

But I have to admit to you, my two readers, that I often have doubts.  I want to be transparent about this.  So, my two faithful readers, as you are reading this you might want to ask yourself the question 'What doubts do I have?'  I'll list some of mine below.

How can I be 100% certain I am going to heaven? 
It is by faith in Christ that we are saved, not by works.  But is it possible to 'sin your way out of heaven'?  In my heart, I know that Jesus defeated sin and that by accepting his promises, living with Him in my heart and repenting, I am saved by an unbelievable love and grace.  But my head still wrestles with it from time to time.  I think simply by asking these questions, though, that I am saved.  Because if I wasn't, I wouldn't care.    

Gay Marriage
I know what the Bible says about homosexuality and what the church teaches.  I have heard/read arguments on both sides of the fence on this issue.  I have seen some very harsh judgement, and I cannot say that I'm okay with that.  I know what the Christian stance is on the issue, but I would be lying if I could say that I'm not conflicted on the topic of homosexuality and gay marriage.  Many of you reading this may not like this much.  But, this is me being transparent, remember?

Am I Good Enough?
Yes!  A thousand times yes!  Because God says I am.  But often times, I listen to the wrong voice - the voice of doubt.  I believe that voice is Satan working on me.  The voice that a certain group of people don't like me.  The voice that says I'm not good enough for God to love me.  The voice that says I am not a good husband, father, son, brother or friend.  Yes, you found me out!  I hear voices!  Kidding, sort of.  I've struggled with all of these thoughts from time to time.  When I am focused on God, I know better.  If God loved me enough to send His Son to die on a cross for me, then how can I not be anything but thankful?  

These are just some of my doubts, the things that I struggle with from time to time.  If I continued to list them, this blog might never end.  Do you have doubts?  If so, what are they?  Feel free to leave a comment.  I know at least two of you read this, so hopefully I'll hear from at least two people.


  1. Oh my gosh Brian!!! This sounds like me to a T. I too hear "voices" and am conflicted on alot of the same topics that you. I think that we wouldnt be human if we werent struggling. As you know it is how we turn to God in our times of struggle that define us. I think we all need to remember as Christians we still have our own ideas and thoughts and opinions. Just because we believer in that Jesus Christ died on the cross for us I dont think that we are all at the same place in our walk with God. I love reading your Blog. Keep it up. :)

  2. Thanks Debbie! Appreciate it.