Saturday, October 26, 2013

Are We Praying Right?

Nothing Ever Could Separate Us - Citizen Way

The link above is to a youtube video for a song called 'Nothing Ever Could Separate Us' by a band named Citizen Way.  It's cool.  Watch it.  

So prayer has been on my mind a great deal lately.  

(Sidebar - I'm not using 'a lot' because I can never remember if it's 'alot' or 'a lot'.  But that's a topic for another day).

But back to the topic at hand, prayer.  You may or may not believe in it, and that is okay with me.  But it just so happens that I do believe in its power.  One definition that I found describes prayer as a personal communication or petition addressed to a deity, especially in the form of supplication, adoration, praise, contrition or thanksgiving.   Upon taking a closer look, we learn that:

  • Supplication is the action of asking or begging for something earnestly or humbly.
  • Adoration is to respect, revere, or have a strong admiration or devotion to;  to give homage or worship to someone or something.
  • Praise is to express warm approval or admiration of.
  • Contrition is the state of feeling remorseful or penitent.
  • Thanksgiving is gratitude.  

On my Facebook page, and in my daily life, I often hear people express concerns for situations in their life.  In response, someone will almost always say 'I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.' or 'prayers going up.'  Something along those lines.  It's a response that has good intentions behind it.  But I often wonder if it's followed up by action.  I will even confess to you that sometimes I will do that very thing, say I will pray for something, and then simply not do it.  I have been working on that lately and challenging myself to make prayer a part of my every day life.  I've seen the impact that it has on me and on others around me.  

The thing that has really been on my mind, though, is are we going about it the right way?  Often times we view prayer as a laundry list of items we want God to take care of for us.  "Get me this job." or "Heal this sick person."  These are very real prayers, and I'm not trying to say that they aren't.  But is that all there is to prayer?  I sure hope not.  

I believe that sometimes prayer is as simple as finding a quiet place and listening to what God has to say.  First and foremost, it is about spending time with God.  Not simply telling Him what we want and what we need, which is our natural tendency.  Also, shouldn't we be praying at all times, not just when something is wrong or something isn't going the way we would like it to?  We should praise God in the good times and the bad times.  Ultimate surrender is recognizing that no matter what is going on in our lives, God's got this.  The battle has already been won.  

One of the toughest things I've ever had to do was keep praising God when going through struggles.  Sometimes I haven't done so well with it.  But with the help of family and friends, and a TON of prayer from so many people, my faith in God was constant.  He did not fail me.  He loves me more than I deserve (grace).  He sent His son to DIE for me, and to put my sin on HIS shoulders.  Slate wiped clean.  Eternal life.  Isn't that enough to  want to praise Him and talk to Him any chance I get, no matter the circumstances in my life?  

What are your thoughts on prayer?  


  1. Brian, our family has known you for a long time, and you never cease to amaze me! You have always been a man of God, and I knew we are supposed to continue to grow in our relationship with God, but you show the world how its done. Thank you for this blog. Btw, bald and beard is great on you.

  2. Thanks. I am struggling so much just like everyone else, and many of these posts are things I wrestle with. I have a long way to go but thank God for his grace and forgiveness.

    Ok-reveal yourself!!! Lol