Monday, October 28, 2013


I'm not sure how many of you are aware of what took place in the World Series game between the Saint Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox professional fast pitch baseball teams on Saturday night.  The game ended in a very unusual way, because one player was ruled obstructed on his path to home plate.  Because he was ruled obstructed, even though he was thrown out, he was called safe, and his team won the game as a result.  It all happened very quickly, and it left many people confused and not sure what had just happened.  Even some of the players on each team weren't completely sure.  

OBSTRUCTION is the act of making it difficult for something to happen or move forward.

If you were watching the game, and you have some thoughts on the call, I'd love to hear them. But this blog is not about baseball, or a game.  It's about asking ourselves a question in a crucial time. That question -  "Are my actions obstructing someone from getting to heaven?"  
1 Corinthians 8 talks about how eating food sacrificed for idols can cause our brothers and sisters to stumble.  The bottom line is, we need to be very conscious and aware of how our actions may impact others, even when we think it's something small.  Because when we do something that causes someone else to stumble, it's the same as sinning against Christ.  Pretty intense, stuff, huh?  
I often think of this in terms of how I act around my son.  At three years old, he is very impressionable and watches everything I say and do very closely.  Sometimes I'll do or say something that is not so wonderful.  I know this is really hard to believe, but it's true!!!!  The impact that it has on him from that point forward changes who he is and what he believes, even if only to the smallest of degrees.  So I try really hard to make sure that I am acting the way I would want him to act, and treating others the way I would want him to treat others, etc.  I want him to grow up to have respect for others, and to be a person with integrity and morals.  But it's more than just that.  We are commanded by God to watch how our actions impact others.  It's very crucial in our walk.  The other side of this coin is when someone does something that might cause you to stumble.  
Because we are called by God to make sure this doesn't happen, I am trying to come up with ways to be more aware of the things I can do to make others stumble, so that I no longer do those things.  I would love to hear any stories, comments, or ideas you have on ways you are doing the same.  
Have a blessed day!  

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